Moving Tips

Tips To Make Your Move EasierHow to make your move easy


At Blue Rhino we strive to make your move as easy as possible. In doing so, we try to equip Melbourne residents with the best information and tips to make their move preparation as easy as possible. By following the below handy hints, your move with Blue Rhino will be even more efficient and stream lined.

Tips to make your move easier:

  • Clean out your existing home/office prior to moving. Be thorough – there is no point lugging boxes and bags of belongings with you to your new location if you’re only going to unpack them and throw them away. Maximise the efficiency of your move by minimising the junk you take with you.
  • Pack the less-used or non-necessity items in advance. This ensures there is less to do in the lead up to the actual move, thus less stress involved.
  • Organise the plans of your new home/office prior to moving. If you’ve got an idea of where your furniture will need to go when it is unloaded, it will make the unpacking process a lot easier.
  • Clean your new property prior to moving in if you’re taking over a lease, or receiving the keys to your new home allow a few days to get in and clean the property so you can move in and start unpacking and setting up your furniture without the hassle of cleaning around it all.
  • Notify all utilities, phone companies, internet providers and any other necessary postal contacts of your relocation. This is an efficient way to ensure the address and contact information has been switched over prior to your move so you have access to power and other necessities immediately.
  • Pack your pantry and empty your refrigerator contents, and defrost your freezer the day prior to moving. This is a good way to ensure major appliances are ready to go on moving day.
  • Label all packed boxes clearly, so you know exactly where to unload them as well as avoid rummaging through them looking for items once at your new location.
  • Allow adequate time for unpacking. Don’t stress yourself trying to get everything unpacked in one day – it is a time consuming process and should be done in stages, if not done by professionals.

Moving house or relocating your business is a big task, and can be made a lot simpler and more stress free if you follow these simple tips on moving with Blue Rhino.