Moving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions at Blue Rhino

At Blue Rhino we strive to make your move as easy as possible. In doing so, we try to equip Melbourne residents with the best information and tips to make their move preparation as easy as possible. By following the below handy hints, your move with Blue Rhino will be even more efficient and stream lined.

Tips to make your move easier:

  • Why is an hourly rate cheaper than a fixed price?

    Fixed Price:

    A fixed price is estimated on the maximum time each part of your move will take. It always allows time for more than expected so fixed prices are costed to the maximum time it may take. Hourly rates on the other hand mean you only pay for what you use. Additionally if you wish to jump in and lend a hand this will mean you pay less as you’re assisting with reducing the time needed on your move!

  • How do I pay Blue Rhino for my move?

    Payment will be collected at the completion of your move. We generally prefer payments by cash, however if you wish to pay by other means please speak to our finance department to organise an alternative.

  • Am I insured when I choose Blue Rhino for my home or office removals?

    Most definitely. Blue Rhino is fully insured with transit and public liabilities.

  • Do you work on Sundays and Public Holidays?

    Blue Rhino can work both Sundays and Public holidays upon requests from clients.

  • If I have beds or other furniture pieces that require dismantling, does Blue Rhino take care of that for me or do I have to do it myself?

    Our professional movers will do all dismantling and reassembling of furniture and accessories to ensure full safety.

  • How far in advance do I have to book Blue Rhino removal services?

    Blue Rhino appreciates as much notice as you can provide, however we understand that not all moves are scheduled the same way, so are flexible to our best ability. Generally 1 to 2 weeks’ notice is sufficient however there will be times when we’re available at shorter notice. To be safe it is best to call us as soon as you have decided on a moving date.

  • Will I be charged for changing the move date after it’s booked in?

    Blue Rhino has no additional charges for changing the move date. Please notify us as soon as you know your new move date, so that we may cancel your old booking.

  • Can I keep costs down by helping with the furniture removals?

    Absolutely! You can lend as much or as little help as you like to the professional removalists. The more people we have working on the job the faster it will be completed which means the more you save on your hourly pay rate!